Goin' the Extra..aaamile

…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

What was my fault?

They asked me if I knew her,

They asked me If I was ever in love with her,  Related image

They asked me if she had broken my heart,

They asked me about her.

Your name, the memories, the love we shared,
They asked me everything about you,
But they never asked about me,
About how YOU were the thief who stole my heart,

How you stole me away from everyone I knew,

How you played me into something I never knew I was part of,

How you lied and cheated,

How you tore apart my life, piece by piece.. and finally how you left me thinking, what did I do wrong to deserve all this.

They asked me about you, but they never asked me about me.

…and they think I had something to do with your death! Wasn’t I already living in a dead relationship with you?
You’ve gone now, but what did I do..that I am left to face the un-ending questions..

Sitting in that poorly lit dusty police room, telling the man sitting opposite me

“All I was looking was for love and with her I thought I had found it. Alas! Love had made a joke out of me!” 


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