Has ‘Prayer’ become a business?

Another way to make money?

Don’t expect me to believe that people do anything for FREE!!

Who knows, they might even charge you the new GST to the their fee.

Open the Goan newspaper (Herald to be more specific) and you will see advertisements of Lay brothers (or can I call them that?) ‘advertising’ their service of praying for people. Now I know I am no one to judge on how genuine they are or not, but nothing will stop me from having my say on what I think this is all about.

Some of them which read..

Apparently he isn’t too good with his spellings..guess his skill lies somewhere else!

Really!!..and how does one know there is a Demon? Witchcraft? Impressive classified ad. Now who wouldn’t fall for that!!!???)

Whatsapp and an Internet address! Keeping up with technology I see…!!

People of today are vulnerable, anything bad happens to them-they think it is because of some curse, or some black magic done on them or some other cause and they go searching for ‘people‘ who can get them rid of the so called ‘thing’ that has affected them. This is where on talking, people come to know about this Brother and that Brother, some prayer gatherings held here and there, laying of hands etc etc and things will be better. RUBBISH!

Just because my friend is going, I should also go and maybe tell my neighbor too and take her along.

I am a Roman Catholic and I do believe Jesus heals, through prayer, self prayer – Yes definitely, but from where have these ‘lay people’ sprung up in every town and village proclaiming they can heal or pray on your behalf and you will be better or your problems will be solved. Does God work only through these people? Doesn’t God listen to each individual prayer?

It is necessary to have faith but talk of Blind Faith! People running helter-skelter for problem-troubleshooting. If only there were instant solutions to everything in life..and I’m not only talking about one faith, these kind of people are all over the place, present in every religion-only called by different names.

With so many gurus, godmen and godwomen peddling their wares today. we need the Spirit’s gift of wisdom and discernment to sift and sieve the grain from the chaff.


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  1. This is utter nonsense. And I hate it when people do it in the name of God

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      tell me about it!

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