Oh Why! Why so cute?

❤ ❤ Smriti Mandhana ❤ ❤

For those who don’t who she is, she is the opening batswoman for India in the ODI format of India’s Women’s Cricket Team

..and boy! isn’t she talented or what!! Not to be mention beautiful, cute, tall and she wears glasses (I totally dig girls who wear glasses, tall girls too) <absolute dream girl>

With her two very impressive batting shows (90 and 106*) in the currently going on Women’s World cup in England, she has emerged as the most written about sportswoman on social handles and needless to say, the latest heartthrob of India.

As Virendra Sehwag rightly replied to a tweet which compared Smriti as the female version of him, which said:

“She is the first version of Smriti and is really special. Every Indian who loves sports will be proud of her. Wish her and the team the best”

He could not have put it in any better way, she’s special alright!

We have one Smriti Mandhana and we all want her to do well. We wish her all the best. Go Girl, keep making India proud! Let your bat do all the talking. We ❤ You

Aren’t we blessed to have such pretty women cricketers? Am not taking names BUT seriously..at times I get distracted – am I watching it for the women cricketers or the game? 😊😊

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  1. She failed miserably after the heady World Cup start and ought to have been dropped, but anyway, oft late she is back at it … and was one of the rare highlights for the home side against the visiting Southern Stars in a 0-3 rout. By the way, I know her childhood coach 😛

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