A few of my favorite things…


..the way it feels to listen to a good song, the emotion attached to it, the person behind that song and if you were to dance to that song, it would be ‘only with her’

Words..and words are all I have.

..the way one can create magic with words, put them into sentences and weave out wonderful conversations with total strangers.

..listening to women chatter and their enthusiasm that comes along with it which includes gestures and movements. Ever heard of two women have a boring talk – Never!

..silence of the night, its like you can hear your own heart beat.

..a drive by car, with no specific destination in mind. Stop over at places you’ve never taken time to notice.

..eating mum’s sausage pulao, it doesn’t even need to be lunch/dinner time, I can eat it anytime. That’s mum’s Sunday special for us at home.

and lastly but most importantly..

FREEDOM. To express myself, to let myself go..in the great outdoors, to let me do things the way I like it, to be not put under pressure but to let have those few moments where I am able to keep a tot ally blank mind. You will see the best version of me, when you give a chance to be myself.



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