Nothing a smile cannot do..

Be it just greeting someone on the road with a genuine smile (genuine being the key word here) or smiling at the vegetable vendor in the market, sometimes all it takes is just one smile to cheer up someone’s day and yours too..making other people happy makes us happy too.

A simple smile..
can simply make you happy (even in the midst of a horrible day)
can help you De-stress
can help you land a job
help build better, faster relationships

Places you could do with a smile..

(1) At the market..
Fish vendors, vegetable vendors, fruit vendors etc. Who really bothers smiling at vendors selling stuff in the market, let alone make small talk. Try smiling while buying your apples next time, he might just throw a couple more apples for you in your bag.

What did you lose..nothing! On the contrary you gained two apples and he gained a loyal customer, he knows when you think next of apples, you’ll go to him to buy them from.

(2) During journeys
Be it by any mode of travel, its very boring when you’re traveling (especially alone) and you have no one to talk to. Smile at your co-passenger and a simple smile can end up into a whole new friendship by the time you reach your destination. Now who doesn’t like making new friends? Go an extra step, that friendship could turn into love too (happens in trains a lot)
..and all just by a simple smile. Lost nothing, gained a Friend.

(3) At Interviews/Meetings
Distract the Interviewer, Yes-a broad smile can do that.. to an extent that the interviewer can forget her the next few questions she meant to ask you and once a smile is in the air, you can’t stop smiling – suddenly the whole interview session gets really comfortable. Great way to ease the tension of an Interview. No sane person can ever avoid the smile-ripple-effect. Try it out-it works.

(4) Before Kissing (lip-to-lip-kiss)
Some people really stress out before kissing and end up messing it up BIG TIME. Don’t prepare for a kiss, just act casual, smile a lot (at each other) and gradually the tension surrounding the air will lift.. and then BAM! Go for the kiss and you’ll see how much you enjoy it, you’d surprise yourself too. Some of those moments have ended up in 9 month pregnancies..for what starts with a passionate kiss… (you complete the rest)

Many other places and situations where a smile would work wonders too.. but I’d like to test it out before giving you guys the GO AHEAD.

P.S: The first 3 have been personally tested, as for no 4..I have references who can vouch for the same 😉

and then there is.. a smile that ends up in a roaring laughter

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