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Known to help myself, with google being my-go-to website for the questions I don’t have answers to, I was at it yet again..very recently, to be precise 36 hours ago.

My latest search being: “how to find my seat no on an eticket”

I’m sure you already think ‘how silly! what’s to google about that’? Well, I wouldn’t phone my friends, they’d think I’m stupid-but now that it’s on my blog, on reading it they’ll still think so)
By no means am I a ‘gawaar’ (un-educated) when it comes to traveling by air – the only difference being that this time, I was traveling by myself, so while the booking was done by someone else and all I had to do was print out the ticket but on going through it, I was a little concerned that I could not find my seat no printed on it..! (Guess traveling a lot by trains, A SEAT/BERTH NO is of prime importance, hence was searching for that. On railway tickets it is clearly printed and to not find it on my e-ticket got me a little ‘jumpy’)

So I was well.. not worried (I know standing isn’t allowed in planes, so I was guaranteed a seat for and most importantly when? – that was my question) but I was still definitely anxious

So Google to the rescue


The answer did relieve me to an extent…

And then the time arrived when I entered the airport, a good 2 hours before time (I had nothing else better to do…so)

There’s something about airports, that confidence just happens to people. Happened to me too 🙂 I confidently walked up to the Jet Airways counter, greeted with a warm smile by the girl behind it, gave her my e-ticket for an exchange of my now Boarding Pass which HAD my SEAT NUMBER on it. I looked at it and smiled, 40D it was. Acted casually-as if walking in and out of airports was my thing, seated myself in the waiting area lounge waiting for security check. I did remember asking her though “What’s my next step?” She smiled again and said “Please have a seat Sir, Security check will open in half an hour from now”.

That was easy! Was stressing over nothing at all.

Oh btw the Air-hostesses in Jet Airways..I wouldn’t call them cute or hot – just nice and friendly 🙂 though I do think they wear a little bit of extra make-up 😂 😂

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