Proud of our girls!

Our Girls have made us Proud. Yes, I am talking about the Women Cricketers, who reached the finals of the Women’s World Cup. Having come up second best to the better team, it still took a lot of heart and hard work to reach the stage that they eventually did. To reach a FINAL of a World Event is no walk in the park, especially when you have to defeat string teams like New Zealand and Australia (both who clearly were favorites to lift the World Cup) to advance to the Final of the tournament

For once, instead of giving excuses and reasons behind the defeat and how certain things could have been done differently, let us just sit and admire the fight of those 11 players, who gave it their all on the cricket field only to fall short by just 9 runs. The girls might not have brought the cup home but what the Indian Women’s Team has done, is to make the whole country stand up and take notice of them and that they have truly arrived and can compete with the best teams around the world. It is no longer a question mark of whether an Indian Woman can play cricket, they very well can and do a good job of it too.

It was heartening to have the whole country talk and cheer for the cricketers, giving India a chance to not only compete with England but give a definite shot at defeating England in their own backyard, of course to eventually fall short by only JUST 9 runs.

How proud every Indian must be of these bunch of Indian Women Cricketers. Well done Girls!  , that was a spectacular World Cup. Thank you, we are so proud 👏👏 🏏 



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  1. Oh yessss! Your team played wonderfully well. All the right reasons to be proud☺️😇

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