Kunaaaal 😂😂😂

Commercials in between serials or matches could be very irritating, but then they will always be that one advertisement among the others that just catches one’s attention, certainly caught mine. I bet you all have watched it on television.

I’m talking about the Wild Stone perfume advertisement..

The film opens at a house party. The host of the party goes up to three employees and asks them whether they are enjoying the party before introducing his daughter to them. The man then compliments one of the three men on his perfume.   The scene shifts to the next morning. As the man returns from a morning work out he enters his daughter’s room to wake her up. She gets up, gives him a hug and informs him that she’ll see him downstairs. The man’s expression changes from a smile to anger as he gets the same perfume smell from his daughter as he got from one of the men he introduced her to at the party. The ad ends with the line ‘Log Toh Notice Karenge’ (people will notice). 

Now I really enjoyed that ad..

..only a couple of days before to catch up on the second installment of the Wild Stone perfume ad, below:

Hope to see the third installment too. The girl is cute btw, expressions (both the ads) of the old man at the end of the ads are priceless 😂😂 Kunal is doing a great job! Aishwarya Desai is the girl’s name in the ad 😂😂 I’ve done my googling bit on the ad

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