‘End of the World’ ..Take 2

Clearly we have outlived the 21.12.2012 End of the World date. The new End of the World has now been shifted to 23.09.2017

world_endTAKE – 2 –

I mean imagine the stories we could tell our grand children, that we managed to live through two end-of-the-world phenomenons-sounds like an impressive story to narrate [considering its a smooth sail through this one too]

I couldn’t care less about the world coming to an end, it could be tomorrow if all I care. The last time we had this world coming to an end discussion in our house, mom was worried about the fixed deposits lying in the banks and my sister was getting simply excited over nothing. As for me, I went to watch the movie 2012 in the theater, in anticipation of seeing something like a preview of the actual thing. I did think the movie was pretty impressive, especially those big ships and the fact that I’ve never really been on a ship, so that part of the movie excited me – but Alas! nothing of that ever happened come 21st December 2012.

5 years down the line and we have another ‘End of the world’ happening once again. The whatsapp videos haven’t quite started making the rounds on whatsapp as yet, we’re only still in the 2nd week of August. Let people breathe better before we start freaking them out 😂😂 By now people should know this is all a hoax, but then there’s always be that worry “what if..its true this time“?

Now that we have a new date, mom is excited once again, at least I sensed her initial enthusiasm, something to talk about and crack jokes about among her friend circles. 23rd of September is still a little more than a month away and besides that also happens to be her birthday month.

So its about that time for the End of the World..





*Holidays etc…

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