Do we need an ‘app’ for honest feedback?

Yes, I am talking about the new-so-called and making waves in India Originated by a Zain al-Abidib Tawfiq guy from Saudi Arabia. He says, he created the app with the intention of receiving honest feedback from people around, but anonymously.

What happened to the age old method of speaking to people and telling them in person?

The Sarahah website reads:
“This app will help enhance your areas of strength, strengthen areas for Improvement at your workplace and with friends, it will help improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement and let your friends be honest with you.”
Scenario 1
* You think a girl is hot, sexy, desirable? Tell her – at the max, she’ll slap you if she doesn’t appreciate such comments. Experience what it feels to be slapped, at least you’ll learn to re-phrase your compliments next time.
Scenario 2
* You hate/loathe your Boss? What’s new in that? We all hate them. Don’t u think they don’t know it already. What is the use of abusing them on Social Media?
Scenario 3
* Can’t tell a girl you love her? Freaking coward. Like will help you out? How on earth will she know, you are that person behind that message. Besides girls dig confident guys and not those who would sit behind an app and type out the same.

If you like, love, hate or detest me-tell me on my face! I won’t mind. I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way about me. Why do people need an app to hide behind and curse and abuse you or even say sweet nothings to you.. what kind of person is coward enough to send messages anonymously. Get a life!

My FaceBook news feed is being flooded with people posting the messages they’ve been receiving on I don’t need to create an account on the app/website. If you need to say something to me, say it to my face, I won’t mind, it would at least be better than bitching about me behind my back.

Go ahead – have your say. is a load of BULL.

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