Baby names

An activity (choosing baby names) couples indulge in either before marriage, during pregnancy or after pregnancy & before the baptism/naming-the-baby ceremony

..and here we were, 2 very much single friends..discussing baby names..with each other.

This one’s dedicated to you Rekha (the other side of the conversation) oh no no no! We’re not a couple-couple ..a couple of goof balls maybe-put together!

What started with names like Linux, Windows and Mac we graduated to better and cuter names.. (and besides who names their kids Linux? tho’ Lennox is a name I’ve heard that exists – that comes closest to the name of the operating system) we had a mini whatsapp-baby naming session.

The question of course to be asked here was.. What baby? Whose baby? Where was the baby? Why were we discussing baby names?

We were just casually chatting and one thing (its certainly not ‘the thing’ that you’re thinking) led to another and the topic just moved in different our case ‘baby names’
We jointly decided that Linux, Windows or Mac were not names to give to people. She being working on some coding in linux at that time, the name came up.

Can you imagine a conversation with a girl named Linux?

Hi, I’m Linux
Cool.. I see that you have been coded well
u can tell that this conversation isn’t going to end well

..that threw ‘Linux’ out of the window along with windows & mac. We now concentrated on more genuine baby names.

She started with junior savio & junior savitri. She was clearly thinking desi..

I went international Petra? Tia?


Tia? tia sounds like some deo 😂😂😂 she responded, I wasn’t impressed SIDE EYE (Tia is a greek name btw) 

After a few more suggestions we thought we’d stick to girls names (both of us not being big fans of baby boys) Ruth, Mariah, Priyanka, Sunny (to which I jumped) Related image

As in sunny leone? angryangry She had meant sunny deol (most of this dialogues starting with “Chilaao mat…) 

Milly? Rozzlin? were some more names that came up in course of conversation, when suddenly she asked “Why are we discussing your baby’s names?”

All this time we were discussing my baby’s name? I though we were just bringing names to the table and besides I was quite enjoying the whole thing.
If you think it ended there..not really

The NEXT day

Gm, what about Minette??

Minette?  What?? I just happen to think Minette is a really cute name kiss

She came back with Delilah, I liked that. She added Annette (she can like Annette but not Minette SIDE EYE )

Catalina? Sounds more like a cat name I know..  This was her reaction  I guess I’ll have to keep it for the cat after all 

Today, while reading the newspaper came across another nice name ‘Eden’ (let’s see what she has to say about that). Those are a lot of names. Which ones did you like? Did you think we got the best ones? or we can do better than this?

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