Worry by all means but not too much..

We’ve all heard the song Don’t Worry be Happy and we all get the message behind it.

Easier said than done, you’d think right!!

What’s for people to say ‘don’t worry, things will get better..’ Yeah right! like they know! Worries are part of life, if not for one thing, something else. For most people, there will always be things that they worry about, however big or small it may be

Below the two common scenario’s of WORRY

Marriage Worries

You aren’t married –  worried

Married but no kids – very worried and society worried more

1 kid but still worried – a sibling for the existing one? How to raise the existing kid?
and it continues…

Job Scenario

No job – worried

Got Job but low salary – still worried

..it never end does it? this worry thing that people do all the time. I don’t think until now, ‘being worried’ has got us anything, besides one more thing to worry about ‘why am I always worried’?

Nothing good can come out of worrying.. leading to worse things like stress, making ourselves feel miserable and fat (you’ve got to admit when people are worried they either over eat or over drink or both in extreme cases, which leads to getting fat)

Remaining happy too, requires a lot of practice. Not everyone can remain happy all the time, that’s true but then striking a good balance between worrying a bit but at the same time telling yourself, wtf! if its gonna happen it will, in the meanwhile lets just go about life with a smile on our face – no point acting miserable, people love to see that..

It is for a fact that no one really cares but for the courtesy question that they will ask;

“what happened to you, why are you so down?” and that question is sometimes enough for people to open the taps of what they’ve been going through.

Yes, its called sharing-but hey! You didn’t need to tell me everything. Did they really think they would get a one sentence answer? Its more like an open ended question. If you aren’t interested, why ask?

Walk around town and you’ll see some really worried faces, no one’s smiling, everyone’s walking around like they’ve got the whole world’s worries on their head.

Relax! Its not that bad! There are things far far worse!

Did you have a breakup?

Lost a job? 

Family problems?

Worried how you look? too thin.. too fat.. too short..

Unmarried, can’t find a suitable partner?

Seems like the whole world is conspiring against you?

Wow! seems like there are a lot of things to worry about, isn’t it? Its not like the world’s coming crashing down for you. These are everyday stories, nothing new.

Worried for these things!? Oh c’mon, take life in your stride and keep moving, things will fall into place gradually. What’s meant for you will come to you in good time. We just need to hold ourselves together.



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  1. This seems to be my issue – ‘Seems like the whole world is conspiring against you?’
    Hey Savio! 🙂

    1. Hello! Always good to hear from u Carol.

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