Lessons from Life..’Our Greatest Teacher’

Another day in India, that get people senti[mental] – this time of course for their teachers who once upon a time, taught them and who they remember fondly (to be noted:only on 5th September) saying good things about them, sending them the sweetest of messages on Social Media and what not! [Care & Concern overload]

Below was an article I had written way back in 2001, the same being published on the Herald newspaper, dedicated the same to my Psychology Teacher, who was a real gem of a person. I laminated and gave her a copy too 😉


We’ve always loved our English, Psychology, Statistics or Computer teachers, they were always way cooler in comparison to the History, Economics or Hindi teachers that we had. I so couldn’t stand my Economics teacher! She was such a witch! 

No, I’m not feeling nostalgic about my teachers, but I’d say I was lucky to have some of the nicest people in the form of teachers in school and college (I could always approach them as a friend-at least the younger ones) barring the stupid Economics Teacher  who I stood miles away from.

That said Teacher’s Day (celebrated every year on the 5th of September) is not confined to only those in the teaching profession but also to life in general (Life will always remain one of the greatest teachers) and to all those people who we’ve come across and learnt something from..
I know I have learnt more than a few lessons from people besides my school or college teachers, be it practical lessons or philosophical ones. While my parents have been my first and most important teachers, everyone else.. my friends, enemies, colleagues and competitors have also taught me valuable lessons, all of which has contributed to making me the way I am today.

..and I turned out pretty okay! Or at least I would like to believe so.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all of you!

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