Someone smiled…

Someone smiled at me today.
I do not know who she is or where she came from
She must have been new in town,
I don’t remember seeing her face before.
What an amazing woman!
She smiled at ME.

Someone smiled at me today.
Her smile had a familiar warmth,
Did I know her?
It was as if her smile was trying to tell me something
but she hadn’t opened her mouth..
she continued smiling at ME

Someone smiled at me today.
Was this woman some kind of artist?
She stood at a distance at first she drew closer,
I couldn’t help but look into her eyes.
It is was hard to believe what I saw.
She was now standing right here in front of me
and she was smiling at me.

It was a horrible day, it couldn’t have been worse
I was fired from my job, lost my phone & left stranded in the middle of the highway 

Yet I slept peacefully that night.
I couldn’t stop thinking…
That comforting smile 

Who was that woman?
Why was she smiling at me?
Where did she come from?
Where did she disappear?

9 Replies to “Someone smiled…”

  1. Oh god, did you find her? You know what you must do when you find women like that? Grab onto them and hold on till breath becomes air. Next time be prepared…. Such a sweet read, but that’s expected from a sweet boy like you 😊

    1. My!!! Don’t call me sweet and all… yes, next time will be better prepared 😂😂

      1. Why not sweet? A person who writes about sweet things must be sweet himself, no?

        1. You DO have a good point, Pradita. Good morning

          1. Good morning Savio 😁

  2. Maybe she was a ghost coming to take the last thing you had left… your soul !!
    Hahaha 🙂

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      My!!!!Carol, you have some imagination..

      1. Sorry if I offended you. The thought just popped in my mind and I had to comment 😊

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          Oh no! No offense taken.

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