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Lost/Misplaced something?

“I lost my keys” she said, expecting others around to help her find it

“If that’s the case, there’s no point looking for it then. its gone forever” her colleague said

“Whatt?? Cannot be, I just kept it on the table like 15 minutes ago”

“Oh you mean, you misplaced your keys?”

Not an ideal time for an English lesson you’d think…

Let’s start off by getting the definitions correct. Misplace is when we notice something is missing and start looking for it. Something that is misplaced is found, and something that is gone is lost, lost means Gone forever.

So for example you can misplace your keys and lose your mind 😛😛

Let me play out a scenario for you:

You’ve lost sorry misplaced your gold earrings and its nowhere to be found and you’re in absolute panic mode, frantically turning things upside down, maybe say a prayer or two.. or even go an eat a couple of almonds (what?? like you did not know it helps increase memory) Some might even google: I’ve lost my keys, what should I do?
People would do almost anything BUT stay calm. You’ve only misplaced it, not lost it.. as yet at least, so there’s still hope right? so RELAX.

What do we need to do? (besides panic of course)

~ Simply don’t look for it.. for a while at least. The chances are the more you look for it, the more it will elude your eyes. And of course your heart is racing, your mind is stressed. Not an ideal situation to be doing any kind of activity.

~ Remember the object isn’t really lost, most probably you are. The object is stationed at one place, you’re the one moving around 😂😂

~ The 3 c’s, remaining calm, confident and comfortable. You WILL definitely find it eventually.

~ You’re probably looking at it and can’t see it. Look once and look well.

~ It is most probably under something else, start by looking at such places.

Keys, jewelry, spectacles, earphones, pen drives are things that get misplaced almost on an everyday basis, so if you’re someone who goes through something like this often..this post will be helpful to you. That said, it would be good to be organized, everything goes back in their proper place at the end of the day so there is no such worry the next morning.

How about executing a few organisational skills at home? We all do it at our work places.

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And of course some people have BIGGER problems like:

Have a good day people.

Please find your way back home after work.

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  • Sasha
    September 28, 2017 at 11:00 PM

    ha ha ha! I love that minion quotes which truly applicable to me 😉

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