Cultivating good personality traits

Being Assertive, Straight forward & Frank are such wonderful personality traits to possess in an individual, and I believe I might have traces of all these three traits in me. Not acquired at birth but through life’s wonderful lessons it has taught me thus far. I was anyway never a huge fan of diplomacy, a trait I saw a lot of in my dad growing up and hence started copying him, but then it got me nowhere. Being diplomatic, nice and few of the other gentle traits (that my dad possesses) is really not my thing, though for some reason I am still seen as the ‘nice guy’. I guess some things don’t leave you after all, as they become a part of you.

People need to be spoken to up-front (and some simply told off), else they don’t take you seriously. And that can only happen when you are being assertive in the way you speak and approach life in general, which I think is very essential in the world today, else people would simply eat you up. There are loads of people out there who are waiting to take advantage of those ‘nice people’ around, I call them ‘softies’

My dad is a great example of being tact, diplomatic and all the nice things in life (a softie). I wonder, like the power puff girls were made, was my dad too born with a mixture of “sugar, spice, and everything nice” 😛😛 he’s so nice that, if it was in my hand, I would award him a ‘Padmashree Award’ – like seriously.

How to spot a Nice guyC--fakepath-spotniceguy2

  • Ideal height between 5′ 6” to 5’8”
  • Boyish good looks (not in every case)
  • Normally found in Greys, blues, & whites (shirt colour)
  • Possesses a wonderful smile
  • A true gentleman
  • Highly adjustable character
  • Calm temperament
  • Passive nature
  • A genuine ‘softie’

If you spot a Nice guy, DO NOT be afraid to approach. Generally a tame and mild creature. This description could easily fit my dad. Well, he could be your dad too..or maybe it could be YOU.

If you are someone who knows us personally and compared us Father & Son, I’m like the cancer version of my dad and I really don’t even mind saying it aloud. People have even said it to my face “you’re so different from your dad” and I would just smile coz dad was around. It would have been a different response surely if they asked me when I was alone. What did they expect? A colour xerox copy?

Though I look up to my dad in many ways, I can’t see myself being another him, its more like taking the best qualities from him and creating a refined version of myself. That said, I think I’ve managed well so far and looking ahead, I will only get better.

To survive in this BIG BAD world, one simply can’t afford to remain a ‘softie’. We are in the 21st century and looking ahead, things are only going to get worse.

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