Getting it right – 3rd time lucky?

How many takes does it take for an Online Giant like Flipkart to get an order right?

The item in question is a pair of black shoes, a size 9. The first delivery is sent with a size 6 (okay maybe they made a genuine mistake, 6 & 9 looking identical upside down) I sent it back asking for an exchange and I now receive a size 8 (this certainly could not have been a mistake) My footC--fakepath-shoes (1) still doesn’t get in. I go online again and send a request for another exchange – 3rd time lucky maybe?

I asked for a size 10 but in brown this time..what do you brrknow, they might send me a size 9 instead and I though the brown would look better. Let’s see what finally comes.

What part of a correct size do they not understand I wonder? I understand they had recently this big billion sale or whatever and had many dispatches to make..but to make mistakes like these?

Of course the delivery guy has a smile on his face every time he makes a delivery, he isn’t really bothered about how many times he has to climb up the 3 floors to get to my flat (super fit guy), he is only concerned about the feedback I need give him, which is of course always 5 stars, sweet fellow he is.

So, now its been two weeks, I find myself without a decent pair of formal shoes. I guess I have to wait another week for my exchange pair to be delivered. Talk of online delivery being quick!

Btw, what did you think of my choice of shoes? Better in Black or Brown?


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