I need ADVICE.. anyone?


Indians give unsolicited advice for many seen &unseen reasons. If anything is told to an Indian as a complaint, query or opinion… we take it up as a moral responsibility 
~ to help…  
~ if not help share his/her own experience… op
~ if not share.. to show compassion….
~ if not compassion to convince… 
and if not to convince then successfully confuse… 

Giving advice is something we love to do. Sometimes, it does not even have to be that you’re asking for advice but will still get it. That’s us, we Indians..we are like that, what can you do?
From what clothes to wear to where to invest your money or bigger things like how to live your life, we have a lot of advice on offer. No one says you have to follow them, if you don’t want to heed the advice, hear it from one ear and let it go out from the other!

Why is it that Indians have the urge to give advice?

Is it because we care about others more than ourselves? Or is it just that we are a chatty lot and giving advice is just another way for us to ‘connect’? I remember this one time I was in an auto in Hyderabad, and the auto driver got very chatty with me, starting with the question from which state I belonged to (since my Hindi wasn’t the greatest and I used a lot of English words in between) and on asking me if I was married, (I told him I was still single) he advised me on why it is good to not marry too late and how it is better to holiday with your wife than by myself, sharing his own story etc etc – Oh boy!) Though he spoke a lot, he was a friendly chap..kept me entertained the few minutes I was his passenger (in the Hyderabad traffic)

Since advice is so freely available around, the next time someone tells you something or gives you advice, say thank you. Doesn’t matter what you do with it but the least we can do is to thank them, they did take the trouble afterall, even though it wasn’t asked for.

What’s the best advice you’ve given?


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