Mobile Phones: A Curse to Humanity!

It was all good while we had Land Phones.. Cordless phones at max and then some wise guy went many steps further and invented the Mobile/Cell Phone and life has never been the same again.

People cannot live without Mobile phones (Androids & Smart phones to be precise).. be it when sitting on the pot reading the news early morning or listening to music for an evening walk, the phone has become now a part of man’s daily life.

It is the first thing people check in the morning, it is the last thing people check in the night and God only knows only how many times during the day it is checked.

So my question is, what is it in that gadget, that holds so much importance in a man’s life? ..that we are willing to give up quality time with people around us, to be communicating with someone sitting in another part of the country or the world? or simply be entertained by looking at it.Untitlednm

There are already a handful of things that an Android/Smart phone has replaced in our lives.. 1. Camera.. why carry a special 1 when you can capture memories from your phone itself? 2. Walkmans/DiscMan/Mp3 players/Ipod’s are all out of the window. Every phone comes with a built in music player. 3.Alarm Clock.. Not as effective as the traditional alarm clocks but does the job. 4. Books: This has really got to hurt all genuine book lovers. Reading from your phone? It has got to be the worst thing ever! 5. Flashlight – Who needs an actual torch..and do people actually sell torches nowadays? The LED flash on the back of your phone is good enough I suppose!

.. and add to that the various apps available to do absolutely anything and everything from an android phone.

Can life get any easier? I’m sure very soon, they’ll be no physical offices for people to work from, but work done via a phone or a tab, sitting in the comforts of your home. Even a computer might end up being a show piece at home soon.

Life is getting a little too comfortable for my liking. 

That said;

I think the Mobile phone has got to be the worst invention in the world. It has literally torn people, relationships and families apart. 

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