When friends meet…

11 years may not be very long, when you talk of two friends meeting up.. one very much Goa/India based (myself) and the other, traveled half way around the world, now settled in Thailand.
Meeting him over lunch after 11 years, I thought I’d meet this sophisticated version, heavily perfumed, different accented, money loaded, proud of his success person (as most Indians act when they work a few years in a foreign country) but to my pleasant surprise, it was nothing like that. He was the same, nothing had changed and he was the same friend who well.. we shared secrets that would go to the grave with us. It was more like meeting after a slightly longish break.. we had lots to catch up on though, that we would end up sharing in the next couple of hours over lunch.

Sitting on the front seat, he got in the car.. and as if it was an involuntary action, he decided to strap himself up with the seat belt. Of course I told him

“You’re in India.. its totally fine” which he laughed and unbuckled himself free. I guess when you live long enough in countries abroad you get used to certain things.. 

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine what two guys would end up talking about.. Yes! – that and much more and our voices got louder, so did our laughter to secrets only we had shared as friends. I can’t remember how long it has been since I actually enjoyed myself in good company. Conversation took precedence over food and we ended up eating half the food cold (the a/c didn’t help either)
From stories of past crushes to present relationship status’s (of course I didn’t have much to share there, he did) but with friends, you’re never really short of stuff to talk about ‘the girls’ (6 of them who were chatting away happily on the table behind us..and as boys would have it, we took our turns looking at them) I’m not sure he did as much – the happily committed guy that he is now, I surely did.

If meeting up one friend wasn’t enough, we bumped into another on the road which led us to meeting up with a third (she now being based in Australia) Greeted by her cute daughter at the door, she looked at the two strangers asking for her mamma.. and she was like

“mama’s in the kitchen” 

and I went like “can you call your mama from the kitchen?” 😀


She was surprised to see us, I would want to believe, she was happy too.. (though no one likes guests un-announced) that too around lunch time (I know-bad timing!)
I did manage to catch what she was trying to tell her daughter, introducing us as “see, these are mama’s friends” ..she saw, I smiled, received no response.. I further said ‘Hi’.. no response there too… I did not know what else to say so I shifted my attention back to her klmother 😀 It was wonderful meeting Zeenia, after about the same time gap (of 11 years)

While girls look prettier as they age, we were looking pretty average in comparison.

So in all, it was a good day. I knew December was always going to be the month to meet and bump into people. I met 3 in one day and it was a pure pleasure doing so! Knowing me well, my friends would admit to the fact that “It isn’t always that Savio is available to meet..but when he is, he needs to be captured – in a picture at least”

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