Life’s happening…

You’re going to screw up! You’re going to mess up things around you.. shout, be shouted at.. think, act, react, over-react sometimes, feel sad, frustrated, happy, emotional, hug people, be hugged, kiss, (be kissed if you’re lucky), fight, compete etc etc, all this while going through a simple day! life

Aren’t we a bunch of very busy people? Multi-tasking and doing so many things..

Life’s happening .. and however much we want to control the things we do around us, we are unlikely to even come close to fulfilling it.

We spend and save a little (if we can)
We fight..and make up (to only fight again)
We make mistakes …to be corrected & learn from them (for there are always new mistakes to be made)

So where am I getting with all this… nowhere really!

All I just wanna say is.. no matter what life throws at you, Embrace it…its not all going to be good, its not all going to be bad either, there are going to be moments where you want to pull your hair out too.. but then again life has a way of balancing itself out.. enjoy the good, learn from the bad BUT prepare for the worst.

The ‘Now’ is where we live.. so its okay sometimes if you want to stop everything you’re doing, close your eyes and just well.. breathe? Our minds are working non-stop, the least we can do for it, is to give it a little time off maybe.. for a few seconds everyday?

  • We’re busy filling our pockets.. making money
  • We’re busy filling our minds ..with constant thoughts
  • We’re busy filling people’s ears ..with gossip
  • We’re busy filling our stomach’s ..with food

Are we giving ourselves any time? How about dedicating time for yourself everyday Surely we can, if we only want to.. (..and that does not include coffee/bathroom breaks)

Yes! We’re a busy bunch of people and we’re only getting busier..

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