On the Toilet

That moment when you’re on the pot busy doing your stuff and your legs decide to fall asleep.

Earlier today morning, my left leg decided to doze off.. it went numb, making it difficult to stand up. Now, there aren’t many activities for your legs in the toilet that one can do… unless maybe draw circles with your toes counts for one kind of activity.. which gets boring after a little while

So after I got out, I googled “things to do when bored on the toilet”, I thought I’d make my next ‘sitting on’ a better experience. I was amazed that firstly people do google things like this and secondly some of the suggestions are quite helpful 

+ Talk to yourself (this was a no-brainer) everybody does that I guess.. well, I don’t. I don’t have many interesting things to talk to myself about.

+ Tap out a beat on your lap or maybe on the wall besides you, you never know it might hurry things along.

+ Try a puzzle or a crossword. Not sure how straight your thoughts would be in there.. but worth a try I guess

+ Brainstorming time, not a bad place considering it is very quiet in there. Time for some new ideas, like this one for a blog post…

+ Poke your nose. Classic! You’re alone, time for some daily/weekly cleaning. No one sees you and you’ll get to wash your hands afterwards

..and of course letting those farts rrriiiipppppp!! + + + 

So there you go.. nothing fancy! and here’s some  on the way out 

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