When humanity won!

  • A pigeon was stuck, entangled in a wire and struggled to set herself free in a building opposite the one I work in..
  • 3 girls working in the office saw it struggling and made them visibly upset..

I wasn’t even aware of what was happening… until I was taken to the window to see the bird that was stuck. To make matters worse I could not even spot the bird. To my benefit, the two building were quite far apart, across a busy street in the city. I strained to look, even then I could not spot it.

After a while, I said, “Yes I can see it…” I lied, I didn’t want it to seem like I was the only one in the office who couldn’t spot the bird, which was true. Everyone saw it but me, and that too after wearing glasses – wow!

The pigeon was stuck on a wire in another building and here in the office I work in, were 3 girls who were very very upset.

After a while, I happen to look out in that direction through the window and I see a familiar face trying to rescue a bird… Yesss!! I can finally see the pigeon now (I was totally looking in a different direction) Its the guy from the office, who has gone to the other building, climbing over a balcony and rescues the bird.

He’s got a smile on his face – he’s happy, the bird is happy and the girls in the office are excited. The guy’s a HERO.

He comes back to the office to loud claps and cheers, the girls are obviously excited.

Humanity won! All I said was ‘Good Job Ralph!’ 

I could care less if someone told me that a bird was stuck somewhere, I mean who has the time to rescue a bird, right? Why only me? Anyone would have reacted that way – it was only a bird after all.

But NO! That pigeon mattered to those girls… it mattered to that guy. It is good to know that people actually have time to leave their work and look out for a bird stuck somewhere on another building… (being a Saturday did help)

I’m sure if the bird hadn’t been rescued, that girl would have remained upset all day… I guess that’s how a woman’s heart is… 

Humanity doesn’t come from wearing t-shirts that say ‘Being Human’ but it is in the little acts like these..

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