Is it still ‘A Happy New Year?’


Okay! So we’re in a new year. People are still wishing each other ‘A Happy New Year’. While all this Happy New Year thing is nice and all, it does get old pretty quickly.. as quickly as the first week of January.

So when do people STOP wishing each other a ‘Happy New Year’? My thinking would be by the 6th of January [the 3 Kings Feast (The Epiphany) – which signals the end of the Christmas season]. While that is all cool..what if someone comes up and wishes you a week after that? I’m gonna say Mid January would be the last I’m entertaining new year wishes… I don’t want to be reminded that its a new year after that.

I’m still receiving Merry Christmas messages from friends…on the 6th of January. 

So, as the Christmas season comes to an end a little under 2 hours from now, I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2018 – for the FINAL time. Have a great one ahead! Cheers!

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