Life’s all about making the RIGHT choices…

One Life and many chances to get it right, chances to start over again… but unfortunately, when we do decide to.. we make that turn very late in life.
A few wrong decisions and you end up living a miserable life, however short or long it may be.

While today morning, reading the obituary of someone I knew, met up, had a few laughs and shared many a conversation with – is now no more. It doesn’t come as a surprise to hear of the news, having spoken to him for the last time on the 19th of December, he didn’t have anything positive to say.. he knew he had messed up big time and ranted for a while on phone of all the mistakes that he made in the course of his life until that day. For the first time if I can remember clearly, blamed himself. 

It wasn’t something that anyone else could help him with, but a turn he HAD to make. He did say – he was willing to make that turn, even though very late.

23rd of December 2017 – the MAN IS DEAD. How? & Why? no one knows!
7th of January 2018 (today) the obituary notice is in the newspaper for everyone to read – a good 16 days later. 

44 years of life. Messed up, Confused and Short lived.

Could he have lived a better life? Probably he could – if only he was willing to make that TURN earlier.

Hearing of people die is never good, especially if you know the individual personally.

He’s gone now! He didn’t get to see a New Year. Rightly so! His TIME was up! His work could be far from done on Earth.. but it didn’t seem it was good enough.

May his soul rest in peace.

We weren’t friends – more like two individuals who shared a few things in common. The one line he’d always say to me… “You’re a good guy Savio… but he’d never complete that sentence. Guess I’ll never know now what he always wanted to say, but never did.

I couldn’t stress more on MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES

– the right company/friends
– the right life partner
and of course the right path.



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