Indian Authors & Novel names

You’re browsing through Flipkart to buy some novels to read… and you come across novel names like these below: 

‘You’re the password to my life’  – Oh really!?
‘Someone to love’  – okay! if you say so…
‘Never kiss your best friend’  – I will..who are you to tell me?
‘Let the reason be love’  – isn’t the reason always love?
‘It’s not right but its okay’  – this made me 😂😂😂 
‘Our story ends here’  – is that why the author wrote the novel? 😀
‘I still think about you’  – and the book is in remembrance of that!!
‘Story begins: With Pure Love’  – is Love adulterated too?
‘Half-baked Love Story’  – I prefer a fully baked one 😛
‘You never know’  – what do I not know???
‘Love can only be on Paper’  – I thought love was in the air too! or is that only in February?

…and many more ridiculous titles of books and you wonder WTF!! What am I to expect in terms of a story from this kind of a titled-novel? Then you go and read some of the reviews of people who’ve already read the book have written – and that confuses you all the more! Good-not good-should I but-not buy?

Love being the most popular genre of authors around India… everyone thinks they have a love story to write! Well in India…Love sells, sex sells…and love stories – do very well.

How is then one supposed to find a really good book? The synopsis of the book gives a fair indication of what to expect but then again.. sometimes a good cover or an attractive title can be deceiving too.

I’ve finally narrowed down to three books after looking up at least a 100 of them

1. When Opposites Meet – Sachin Garg (He does write very well, I’ve read 3/4 of his previous novels and they have not disappointed at all)
2. It’s All In The Planets – Preeti Shenoy (With Preeti Shenoy one can ALWAYS expect class) and
3. One Indian Girl – Chetan Bhagat (I did want to read this one when it was first out. I do like the story plot or at least of what it says at the back of the book)

Rs. 323/- INR for the above three books. Not bad at all.

Have any of you read the above three books? Do let me know if they’re any good or you know of any better ones I could order before I press the PLACE ORDER link.

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  1. I am not sure about the first novel u mentioned, but I will say dont invest time in reeding Preeti’s novel – Its all in the planets. I didnt like it. I think I have posted a review too on WP, let me look for it. I personally stopped liking Chetan Bhagat’s books after a certain time since all have almost similar plots, but if you really want to read, go ahead and let me know how you like it.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      As for the CB book, liked the plot, so I “might” like the story and yes I do know all his plots are kind of similar..but whatever!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Any suggestions for new ones come out or some good reads, Aditi. You do have a good choice when it comes to books.

  2. One Indian girl i have read and ended up giving two stars. It’s all in the planets, I started two times and the day when I start it my kindle unlimited gets expired!!!!!!. Then again it goes to TBR. and it is still in my tbr. The other one I don’t know.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      My mum’s got hold of the ‘One Indian girl’ book and its been with her since. She likes what she has read so far, she says! Let’s see how I find it

      1. I would say it gives some wrong message altogether… And the character was not well formed…

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          I’ll surely put up my views of the novel, once I am done with reading it.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes, definitely will…just need to think up of a good question and will post.

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