Pretty Secrets

logo  A jazzy name for a Lingerie store, I’d say. A venture run by a friend of mine and her sister together, the store deals with all women’s (if I may add fancy) innerwear. She, of course, invited all her friends and near and dear ones to visit..and why not, if each one of them could pick up even one item, the sisters would be more than happy. We all know how competitive female clothing rates can be nowadays.


2 months had passed when I visited the store, a couple of days back, when I happened to be passing by to go elsewhere, on returning back the same way, I decided to go in, unsure if was a good idea but finally gathered the courage to enter. Why courage you’d think? What courage would I need to enter a store? For starts, this wasn’t ANY store, this was a lingerie store, for women. I’ve never really entered into a store like that before, until that day of course and besides even if I did enter one before, I wouldn’t know what to do in one.

This is what you see from the outside if you visit today (minus the balloons of course)


Impressive! Definitely a lot of Pink.


Now let me tell you about Pretty Secrets, when a guy enters into a store like that… it suddenly feels like 3D in there, everything is right there staring at your face, whichever direction you look in – its there!


The view from the back


Now in normal circumstances, I would be really amused (I was, I really was…dazed to say the least) by the different colors, designs, shapes etc (as guys always are – guys go by sight) but I maintained a straight face well almost a straight face looking straight into the eyes of my friend while talking to her, looking nowhere else. Well, there was a fleeting moment when I was trying to recollect something and I shifted my gaze from her eyes to well…… a bulb on the wall.

As normal as any store owner would ask a potential customer who enters the store

“Why don’t you buy something for your girlfriend?”

Yeah right! I said to myself. I smiled (I think I did) technically I would have to have a girlfriend to buy something for her and besides nowadays gals like to buy their own stuff, at least when it comes to innerwear and besides it gets a little tough when it comes to sizes, you really can’t simply ask your girlfriend

“What’s your size honey?” that’s pretty rude…

and it’s not like the sizes nowadays come in numbers. Its all in X XL & XXL and cups which I understand very little about, so it’s basically Greek to me.

I never quite knew that women dress up so exotically from the inside too, I mean it’s all getting covered and no one actually sees the good stuff but then I could be wrong. Its more a mind thing I guess, girls dress to feel sexy if I am to believe. Talk of being spoilt for choice at Pretty secrets. The store owners (the 2 sisters) are pretty jazzy themselves.

I promised I’ll visit again, hopefully next time with company. What next? Maybe a beauty parlor? When is a friend of mine going to open a beauty parlor of her own?

Pretty secrets isn’t a secret anymore. The secret is out.

Step in for a change and come out feeling pretty from the inside. It’s a secret! 

P.S: I have not been paid for this advertisement.



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