Have you ever had dreams which seem really weird? ..in a sense that, when you wake up next morning and you try and evaluate the dream, you can make no sense of it.
The past few days I’ve had dreams of:

(a) 15 years of memory erased, the Year 2000 – the Year 2015 – gone! just like that! I wake up one morning and everything’s different yet I don’t seem perturbed at all, though I do find a letter in my hand

(b) Riding a kinetic bike in the college corridors (the fact of which is I neither know how to ride a bike nor would I do an audacious think like that – EVER! – and Kinetic bike! seriously how old is that bike?)

(c) Walking through a narrow road alone amidst old houses, which after a while leads to a secret beach with only a few select people are seen swimming in. I am known to everybody there. It’s my getaway place. I always seem to go there.

(c) The most recent one being that its the last day on earth and we’ve just received the news and there’s chaos everywhere… I am waking around smiling.

The above dreams do seem like really good blog posts if I choose to publish the remaining part of the dream, which of course remained incomplete… but what appealed to me more, what if these events were to actually happen to me in the ‘real life’ – at least the first and the last one

Many people do not remember their dreams, but I do… and that too in the finest of details. Sometimes, I wonder whether it’s actually a dream or I’m just imagining stuff in my mind!? Either way… at least my mind is getting the sleep that it needs to reach the level of being able to get into dreamland.

I don’t think dreams ever come true! Trust me, if it did… my life would not have been the one I am living today!