I, Me & Myself

Now, we’ve got to admit that not all of us are blessed to have special people in our life who we go for movies, dates, spend time with, walks, talk on the phone etc etc etc. (Read: gf’s, bf’s, lovers, FWB etc) so we’re left with ourselves for company.
Thinking of it, it isn’t all that bad an idea too… but when you’re in a relationship with yourself for a long time…it kind of gets booorrrriiinnngg you’d think. Well not really!

Let’s see how spending time with ourselves can be the best thing ever or at least I would want to believe it is so.

NO expectations, NO demands, NO requests. You do what you feel. It’s like almost people expect to see you with another person, as if to say that an individual isn’t capable of doing stuff by himself or walking through life’s journey alone (Read: marriage) or daily activities be it shopping, going for a movie, eating at a restaurant or holidaying by yourself. Even people going for their evening walks feel the need to connect to someone via their phone while they walk.

Its like humans nowadays are incapable of being left alone, they need someone else to be there, virtually or in actual presence. [I’ve always wanted to know when girls go to the bathroom, why do they need company? It’s not like they need help with anything]



It’s not like we’re have to go through life following the pattern of entering into Noah’s ark in two’s or two by two. 

Doing things alone is fine. You want to go out and enjoy an ice-cream and you’ve got no one for company, so what? still go ahead and do it. Enjoy that ice-cream. 

When you’re by yourself, you’ll understand that the things you can do is limitless from sitting on a station platform staring at passengers to playing with your pet at home, there is so much you could do. When we’re left with ourselves, is when we get to know ourselves better & realize what we’re all about, what we like to do and stuff..and that’s how I got to know that maybe writing (or blogging) was my ‘thing’ that made me happy along with other stuff. 

Travelling by yourself, could be a whole lot of fun.. and especially when it comes with certain un-expectations of doing something by yourself and meeting people you’ve never met before. You make yourself open to a new adventure.. Developing travel friends, have those heart-to-heart conversation with somebody you connect to, teach, learn, discover and to top it all.. do it all your way, with nobody guiding you every step. You are solely responsible for yourself and you learn new things along the way. Get lost and find yourself, create road maps of your own.. life’s all about discovery.

book n movieWhen by yourself, choose a book over a movie – ALWAYS! Let your imaginations run wild. Its all up to you.. unlike a movie where everything is shown to you and you just watch, with a book you can do so much more. You create everything on your own from what the character looks like to where the scene is happening and what the surroundings look like. Being with yourself (your imagination) takes you to places no 2nd person can ever take you… 

That said, blogging works in the same way too.. you can come up with something totally un-expected in a character, story line and make take people to places and situations they would love to find themselves in.. that’s the magic of what writing or reading can do.

…and of course spending time with yourself doesn’t mean using the gadgets that are available to waste your time with (smart phones being the biggest evil here) If you look around the house, they’ll be plenty of stuff to do and if there’s still nothing you can find, try out a new dish, wash your car/bike or simply run up/down the stairs ringing the bells of all the flats on the way, now that sounds fun, doesn’t it? 😂😂 Try it out sometime.

Spending some time with yourself is a good idea, besides there is a certain amount of human interaction one person can take in a lifetime 😛

4 Replies to “I, Me & Myself”

  1. Good thought Savio! I like to spend some time with myself… but very limited. Most of the time I need someone around.
    Also, there are some things which only others can do for you. Like cuddling, hugging, kissing, A head massage, a body massage. I am sure these things will not be as much much if you do it on your own 😛 😉

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Don’t remind me of the cuddling, hugging, kissing etc… aaarrrggghhh! We all need those… 😛😛😛

      1. Hahha… yes… we do… and thats why we all need someone other than self.

  2. Read “as much much” as “as much fun”

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