I’ve never had a plan!

If someone had to ask the 15yr old me “What are your plans for the next 5 years?”

I would have replied it with a simple “I don’t know”

10 years later and at 25, somebody comes along and asks me a similar question “So what plans in life?” and my reply is “Not sure”

This year @36 if you were to ask me that question again, I am sure I will have probably the same answer for you or at least something similar… simply because I’ve never had a PLAN. I’ve never believed in having a plan. Besides knowing the spelling of the word, the word by itself really never appealed to me. I was always the kind of person that went with the flow…and still do in many ways. I guess that’s how I maintain my sanity, else I would have gone coocoo a long time back.

Yes, I know its good to set goals, have plans on how to achieve it.. work towards it etc… but don’t you think how boring it all sounds? Like seriously!? How many of us have actually stuck to plans and implemented them? Most youngsters today are so confused on what path to thread let alone have a career path/plan…

A mechanical engineering student lands up in a teaching job in a school, A qualified MBBS degree holder is nowhere even close to a hospital but is found giving tuitions to high school students, a lawyer is taking calls sitting at a call center in Navi Mumbai and A qualified Higher secondary teacher is chopping off people’s hair at a beauty salon.

So while having a plan may not be a PLAN -A- in everybody’s list in life, enjoying what you do, IS. To enjoy what you do doesn’t need planning, does it? Remember when we enjoyed ourselves when we were small, it didn’t require much of planning, but now then, of course, us being all grown up individuals, we have our set of responsibilities to ourselves and the people around us, but should it mean we stop enjoying what we do? We start to get all serious and start making plans? No! Yes, we would have certain targets in our mind of where we’re going but it’s not like we have a full-fledged plan – it’s an inclination, a sense of direction but not the destination. The destination is always somewhere far off, nowhere in sight…

I always thought if I’d write a book about myself, I would name it something on the lines of “..Work In Progress”, for life has never really given me that real grounding I needed, where I could say… Yess! I made it! or I’m almost there! On the contrary, it often gave me reality checks and plenty of pauses to reflect upon them.

I could care less where I find myself in 5 or 10 years down the line. Had I asked this question to myself 5 years ago, I’m sure I would not be able to imagine myself in the position I am today coz somewhere down the line, life interferes with the ideas we have in mind, and no matter how many plans I had made for myself 5/10 yrs ago, I would have turned out exactly the way it is supposed to be.. ‘the today me’.

A lot of us are forced to make some of our major decisions very early in life (or in some cases later) and most of the time we aren’t even sure what we want to do… and with the extra pressure from the outside forces, it doesn’t get any easier.
As I am told often (and I’m sure every son/daughter would be told at some time or the other by their parents)

Time’s running out…

and that’s probably the only time you’d think to yourself (at least for that fleeting moment) “I need a plan”

As for me, I’m still iffy on the whole plan’ thing.

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  1. Hmmm… come on ya… one needs a plan!!!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I knew we’d differ on opinions on this post. But then of course different people have different perspectives, so that’s cool. Maybe we can take this on whatsapp and start a whole discussion on it…😉😉 nothing like a healthy discussion 😄😄

      1. Lets PLAN to do that 😀

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          😂😂😂 Aditi.. like seriously?😂😂😂

  2. I have always had a plan… Right from childhood.. But life.. Well never turned out to be like my plans. In fact if I had wanted to do something called A, a sudden change in situation forced me to do Z. Like none of my plans ever work out.. Life has been too unpredictable for me.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      ..that has made me shelve the word ‘plan’ for good. Nothing ever works according to it.

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