‘A Costly Affair’


02.02.2018 – Times of India (Goa Edition)

What an interesting article! Made such interesting reading, most of which didn’t make much sense to me (I’ll have to admit shamelessly), but the picture was appealing, so I thought why not cut out the picture and write a post on it? Good idea right!

I’m never a fact & figures person (exactly what the article talks about), I thought let me take it & put a ‘Savio Spin’ to it and make it my own. [Expect nothing serious here]

Now we all know how wonderful it is to have children (rather make them). One night of passion, a whole lifetime of waiting for this one day – expectations, pleasure and the excitement… and then bam after 9 months, a New life.. a New journey and a big hole in the parents pockets for at least the next 21 years of that child’s life.

Wait! Did I say make? Make Children? Hmm. ‘Procreate’ – sounds better! As wonderful as the whole procedure is to procreation, looking at the future… and the picture above, you might want to push back ‘that moment’ a bit… this is a certainly a very very costly affair! But then on the other side – nothing is ever cheap, even in India. 

I am still in phase I, which is wishing my friends who have babies and attending their baptism parties. Babies are cute and all.. but boy! do they come at a price? 9 months in the mother’s stomach and 21 years of eating into the parent’s savings.

Kehte hain bacche paida karne ka koi sahi waqt nahi hota, jab karlo bas tabhi se tumhara bura waqt shuru ho jata hai

…nahhhh!! who are we kiddin’ 😛 

Children are the biggest blessings to parents, God’s personal gift to every married couple. I myself am a big fan of children (having taught them in schools) Of course children at school and children at home are a whole different set of people. I love children, especially little baby girls <3

If you’re interested in the facts & figures of how much it costs to raise a kid, read the Times of India today or online – Pg 15 (I read it in the Goa Edition) very interesting article. Read it, cut it out and show it to your child when he turns 21 😛😛

The Magic Number to remember is :


Yess!! The * stands for

*at current prices



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  1. Hmmm… this post comes at the right time… we have already started counting a few lacs 😜

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I’m still putting together the thousands for a wedding to happen 😂😂

      1. 🙂 🙂 please continue, you are going to have the best wedding, you will need lot of money

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          I love your confidence, Aditi.

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