You know how while growing up you always wanted to be part of a group, a division of people that like to do the same kind of things etc or in more today’s language – ‘A particular category’ that one should belong to?

Well..for me, I’ve really never belonged to any group in particular or have never tried to fit into one. It just wasn’t and still definitely isn’t me. I always was interested in different things but could never settle on one thing that I always wanted to be a part of.

What does that say about me then? Am I an anti-social being? Not really. I am a free spirited individual, that understands that life isn’t about going one direction or being part of a certain working system or doing fun things with a limited no of people. It is okay to do things randomely, while some might work others might not – but then again, isn’t life all about trial and error? Nobody knows the correct formala as yet.

I discovered blogging one day and I’ve not looked back since. I write because I love to.. its been 5-6 years now (time flies) can’t imagine I have been blogging all these years, particulary about the stuff that I write about, which doesn’t really fall into any category as such, but random – its just about anything and everything I see hear & feel.

It feels good to not be a part of something, at least that way you aren’t blindly following what other people are doing but on the contrary, you can do you own thing – which I believe is always the better option.
While some appreciate randomness, others don’t. But that’s okay – We’re not here to please people but to make ourselves happy and if what we do makes us happy, nothing like it!

I join Sejal Kumar with the same opinion, I am #NOTACATEGORY.

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