Some of the things I’ve noticed over the past couple of months this year so far…

..time is flying like nobody’s business. Morning and Evenings pass like a blink of an eye!
..babies are growing rapidly
..clocks are running fast
..people are hardly spending more than 5 minutes to eat food
..driving speeds exceeding 80 and 100kph endangering lives
..telephone conversations are restricted to hello & the message, no pleasantries exchanged coz there is apparently no time to do so. 

January’s gone, we’re already more than halfway through to February. March is around the corner… that’s 3 months passing by fairly quickly. Time is literally flying.. so are people’s lives getting busier. I go weeks and sometimes months without speaking to my best friend.

Life needs to seriously slow down. Too much is happening in little time. 

Life’s getting very monotonous, people doing the same things day in and day out…

There’s more to life than the ‘wake-up – work – eat – sleep – repeat’ routine right? Tell me there is! In Goa, life’s a bit better though, we still make time to do different things, but that too is changing slowly.

Does anyone think like me, that time is just going by so fast lately? I don’t know why! but it does feel that as I grow older.. time’s speeding up. When we’re small, we want to grow older and now that we’re all this grown-up version of ourselves.. it feels like I wanna be a kid again.
I don’t believe I’ve changed much over the years, but I do miss (at times) the more careless me, the more carefree version that I was, the limited things that were available and the fun times we had when younger and now.. its like There’s just too..much of everything. I wish I were a kid again.