One of those random posts that I just decide to talk write about myself


What is it for you?

Do you fall into the group of people who dresses up in the morning to work, for you simply have to, you don’t have much of a choice? or the second group where you wake up to a possibility of having a new day to look forward to and having fun at the work you do?

In the first instance, you’re just existing by doing what you’re supposed to do while in the second you have a new challenge to look forward to. If you’ve known me long enough, you’d probably know which group I’d fit in perfectly.

I’m different, a total misfit in most cases… but then again, with me – you will probably see more of the unconventional than ‘the-right-thing-do-to’ approach, which works more times than not. I’m a firm believer of the phrase “Expect the Unexpected”

Could I actually Love what I do? Most definitely! otherwise, I would never do it. .Simple. Let me tell you something that I love to do – which is teaching or training or simply interacting with a group of people. I know I’d do well because I am blessed with a good skill set in that particular field and I can keep doing it in a loop. They’ve been times I’ve even lost my voice at the end of a day/week, for that’s how much I love to do what I do.
My dad recently told me, that even when I talk to different people in everyday conversations (outside of a teaching/training environment) I talk using all kinds of intonation, stressing on certain words (which is not necessarily required) just to make myself understood better and put the RIGHT message across. [no wonder why I stress on voice modulation and Intonation in all my training and teaching sessions] People might not find the difference, but that’s just me… being Me.

nmnI love being myself. I’m the biggest fan of myself and I could care less what others think. That’s how I’ve cultivated the ‘I Don’t care’ attitude in my life. There was a time in my life I got affected a whole lot by what people said and tried changing myself to suit them, I only ended up hurting myself because I wasn’t being true to my own identity. Lesson learned the hard way, lesson learned nevertheless.

I might have been around on the earth for only 35 years so far but I’ve learnt a lot in the time I’ve been around, I’ve tried a few different things, failed in some, done well in others – however life is one big mystery, that I’ve still not been able to solve and I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to solve it EVER! That said, wherever I go, whatever I do, there are always stories to be told, emotions to be expressed and situations that need to be handled – and this blog gives me that space to do all of that.

While not everything can be spoken out these days, writing is the next best option. No wonder there are so many of us bloggers out there! If given a choice to speak or write, I’d probably chose speaking over writing. And I’d do it with every bit of what I have inside of me, Intonation, modulation and all of that… for who are we kidding, talking in a dead tone is equal to not talking at all.

There are times that I feel, after writing a blog post like this;

Why did I write it?

Was it to let other people an insight into my life? Not really! A few lines written here aren’t really going to make a world of a difference. However, sometimes it works as a reminder to myself about the little things that do matter to me, that just needs to be written down. Nothing like reading it a few years down the line… and asking myself “Was I really like that back then?”