‘I think I need to..’ to ‘I must go now..’

To pee or not to pee or to pee later?

That is The Question.

The everyday decision, every passenger needs to make before boarding the Margao bound bus from Panjim, after work. It generally takes anything between 65-75 minutes of traveling time to reach the other side of Goa – the question to ask here is – do you want to have a comfortable journey or a bladder-stressed one?

Now when people travel up and down different places, they are bound to make friends (not the kinda friends where you invite them for birthdays and all.. but the ones you don’t mind sharing chips in the bus with) we see each other practically every day. Some of them of whom you meet walking in and out of toilets before they catch their buses. We’re like

‘going to the toilet?’
‘yeah me too’

Sometimes its totally fine, to not have that un-necessary conversation, to only meet once again on your way out, this time, however, both of us are now smiling. [did I just insert way too many commas?]

Some days, you are in so much of a hurry that you miss that ‘important thing you do’ and that’s when “maybe” in between the journey, in the bus… you’re not quite sure what to do when your bladder is asking questions of you, and just about the same time, the side passenger decides to strike up a conversation with you… and you’re like trying to make small talk, but he’s not quite satisfied with your short answers and wants something more substantial. Bad time for communication brother! Like seriously!

That said, I am proud of my bladder holding capacities, it has never let me down. Besides men are supposed to have bigger bladders than their female counterparts – that could be one reason. It can hold up for long periods with no toilets around. Of course as a male in “free” India, we really do not need a toilet per se… an open field or a wall is just as convenient. If our ministers can water plants in the open, we can do too. Now for ladies, it can be a tricky situation, that is why you’ll find queues outside women’s toilets. 

The Next Day: I catch my bus after work, I’m already late, the queue is long, after waiting what seemed like forever, I get into the bus. Mid-way… uh oh!


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  1. LOL! Yeah I’ve had that uh-oh happen to me a lot of times even when I’ve relieved myself before the bust starts rolling. But then I’m notorious for having a tiny bladder.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Happens to the best of people. Not everyone like you and me talk about it

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