Five ways to… Day 1


I’m really putting myself out there… aren’t I? 

Well.. am doing a 10-day challenge, the first task of which it asks me to mention ‘five ways to win my heart’. So here goes… brace yourself for some honesty!

Now to begin, my heart is one of the easiest things to capture. That said, it’s been 36 years and counting.. and it still searches for that other elusive heart it can synchronize its heartbeat with.

Getting to the task at hand: 5 ways to win my heart… 

  1. Simplicity: Going the simple way. Eating a vada-pao by the roadside over gorging a pizza in pizza hut. Richness, a wallet of many big notes, showing off are things that don’t impress me – definitely is not my style. Spending quality time with someone over spending quality money with someone. A simple girl with simple values, living a simple normal life. I am absolutely bowled over a girl who makes no special effort to make herself noticed. I will notice her even otherwise. Unfortunately, I haven’t met those kinds of girls and for those, I have met, they are either committed or already married.
  2. Highly communicative [In English – yes pls!] & gets along with the family: That means Father+Mother+Sister (the rest do not matter) and loves to talk (not to the extents of verbal diarrhea). As we grow older, the sex and all the physical proximity might diminish, but communication will keep us going. I love talking myself, but I can tire after some time…at those times I can keep quiet and just listen (we all know women have lots to say..and they can go on..n on.. n on…)
  3. Travel: Traveling gets me on a high, therefore it is understood a person that loves to travel is someone I will get along best with. Some of the most romantic moments happen during journey’s or in hotels or basically in any place that’s not your home. There’s something very relaxing about doing naughty stuff outside of the comforts of your home.
  4. While it may be a small thing… but to me, it is kind of a big deal. 7 letters‘English’. Blue, green, red English is a big turn off… Someone who can speak good English is a big turn on (of course along with the other good stuff) I have this urge to correct grammar when spoken wrong…I can’t live my life with a person knowing that the next sentence she speaks is gonna have lots of grammatical mistakes… aaarrrggghhhh
  5. I know I’ve mentioned this before but… the 4 S’sSimple, Sweet, Sexy and Specsy. Specsy is the NEW SEXY.  There’s nothing much I can do if my girl happens to have great eyesight, but there is something called a zero number – that works too. It’s like dating two girls in one/or married to two girls in one.

So that’s Day 1 of my 10-day challenge.

Next one tomorrow – Things I like and dislike about myself. Till then ta-ta Image result for waving hand gif

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