Things I… Day 2

Well.. its Day 2 and its a new task.

Things I like and dislike about myself.

This one could be a really long list, there are a whole lot of things to mention here, but for a change instead of being my honest self and mention all of them, which would make me have to think a lot, I’ll try and narrow it down ‘the top 5’

Things I like… about myself


  1. My ‘according-to-the-situation’ attitude. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  2. Like the fact that I have an opinion about every damn thing.
  3. Longtime loyal friendships. I never let my friends go. That said, not everyone I talk nicely to is my friend.
  4. My writing skills
  5. ..that I don’t really depend on anyone. I work well within myself.
  6. … that I am HONEST.

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  1. The fact that I get too stuck sometimes in life and not very ready to make swift changes.
  2. I make a lot of mistakes
  3. …that I give way too many chances to people.
  4. I dislike the way that I sometimes can’t talk about my emotions and feelings – and keep them all locked up.
  5. I have a mean streak. Oh yes! that’s definitely a THING.

Well! That was easier than I thought… though there are a lot more I can think of…but then I’m not gonna mention all of ’em. I may be honest, certainly not stupid! 😝

Tomorrow – Task 3: A quote you try to live by. See ya tomorrow.

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  1. Giving too many chances to people. I’m a little weird at this. I find myself giving way too many chances to people who don’t deserve it one bit but very few to the deserving ones. I think it’s because I expect too much from them and so when things don’t go well I just can’t just build up hopes and expectations on the said person again. This is something I have been meaning to work on. I loved your list. 🙂 Very brave,

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      ….and Welcome to my blog officially. I trust you turned on the light and got in (if you’ve checked the blog through a computer)

      1. I know I should use better sophisticated sounding words but THAT WAS SO COOL! 😀

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