A Letter…Day 6

A new day, a new task. My task for today is to write a letter to someone… anyone.

Can’t remember when I actually wrote an actual letter to someone, it has been such a long time. With emails..and now WhatsApp along with other faster ways of sending messages to one another, letters have taken a backseat.

The letter below might not qualify to be a letter…letter types but I’ll try to do justice to let the emotion flow like I would otherwise do on a normal letter.

I’m gonna write a letter to one of my best friends…15 years and counting. 2 different states, speak different languages (English being the common one) love different things, and yet we always find things that bring us together – Love for Goa, Ice-cream, chouris pau, chops and conversation and the fact that I secretly like her too – and she knows that 😉 Women sense these things very quickly 😉



Dear Best Friend,

I love you so much. Probably the bravest sentence I’ve ever written to you, to start a letter with. We’ve practically known each other for half of our lives and though we talk to each other once in a while and communicate on WhatsApp, it’s never quite enough.  So yeah writing a letter to you here, one friend to another.

15 years it has been knowing you… that has been some length of time, how aren’t we married to each other by now? You must be thinking.. not again, another one of Savio’s cheesy letters. I’m going to try to keep it as normal as it can get-I promise. But wait! that wouldn’t be me, it wouldn’t be ‘my’ letter, now would it? My letters always have extra cheese toppings on it. 

Talking about toppings, ordered an extra large pizza for the family yesterday, I’d have kept you a piece but pizza needs to be finished at the earliest, considering Pune is 8 hours away, I couldn’t take that risk. When you’re down next we’ll have one pizza all for ourselves, the way you like it. Also, I have been reading Chetan Bhagat’s ‘One Indian Girl’, I know how much you hate the guy and his novels… will send you my personal copy for you to read, its only one Indian girl after all. 

I’m just sitting here and I’m like what to write next – WhatsApp has really screwed up my ability to write longer sentences and extend sentences to paragraphs. I’m gonna wrap this up now, apply gum on it and get it to the nearest post office to find its way over to you…and since you know, I always do my writing with music on, the current song playing on the computer is ‘Hold On’ by Ananya Birla… 

I’m no longer holding on to this letter though… will message you soon (considering we would have messaged a few hundred messages by the time this letter reaches you) lol.

Miss you,



I used to write little letters to my mum, dad, and sister when I was small. While I might have started writing very early in age, it was more of writing the way I talk, than actually writing a letter, which demands a different format (or at least that is what my teachers told me back in school) To me writing a letter was always about creating a connection between the one writing and the one reading… that is how I go about writing letters. Its all about the reader imagining me standing there in front of her and speaking directly.


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