What do I want…? Day 7

Question for the DAY: What do I want?

I’d like to believe I don’t have just one item on the list of things I want… but if I were to think of something really wacky, something I’ve never done before – then…

“One day where I leave my brains and all sense of logic locked up in a trunk somewhere and have the craziest day ever!”

Sounds like something I would want to try. I use the word ‘day’ because I can’t see myself doing the same thing again.

Having known to be a person with a firm head on my shoulders, always doing the correct/right thing and being the logical thinker that I am – I would like to gift myself ‘one day’ wherein I just have the time of my life and being the craziest version of myself – I certainly know I possess that side – it only takes the right time and perhaps the right person to bring it out, something along the lines of the movie Hangover – yup that was some insane stuff!

Of course, the only way I see something like that happening is if I’m in a state of total inebriation, which the chances are 1 in a million really!

Still, I would want that… just to know how it feels to be on the other side for a change

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      Thank you dear

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