– A Distinction – A First –


In the world I live in, the word Distinction had only one meaning – as google defines it “a difference or contrast between similar things or people” and while another meaning of it also meant “a grade in an examination denoting excellence”, something, I probably never had a chance of achieving in my lifetime. Besides being a person who liked doing different things, I could never imagine seeing the word DISTINCTION on any piece of paper or certificate with my name next to it – UNTIL of course yesterday when I held the certificate in my hand to see my name and the grade together on that same thick page.

Did it call for a celebration? Not really! It did make me very very happy though. It was like a reminder to myself – that I still had it in me, if I WANTED IT. To be examined by a foreigner, and for them to give you an ‘A’ grade (which means that the examiner felt I [the candidate] am really up there with the best speakers in the language) is in itself is a BIG ACHIEVEMENT, at least for me. It is a Big Deal.

How long did it take for that day to be a reality? 36 years and 3 months.

I might have hit many a good’s and ‘excellent’s’ in my life, but this was a first.

I am thankful that God still thinks I am ‘work in progress’ and silently whispers in my ear ‘I’ve not finished with you as yet… there are going to be many more First’s in your life.

I might not emote at all on the outside when people say good things to me.. hell, I might not even smile.. but I know my soul does light up from the inside. Like yesterday night for example at 10 pm, out of nowhere an ex colleague calls up to say “I remembered you, I learnt so much from you… you’re such a wonderful person, Savio” Now, isn’t that something wonderful to hear? 

I don’t solely live on this Earth to earn money, its all about the little things – a kind word, a helping hand or a gentle smile. Everybody can earn money! That’s easy!

How many of us have a good word to say to another person? We’re busy saying mean stuff to each other , I do too sometimes…but like many other aspects of my life, I’m working on this too.

When do we get a certificate to Life? How have we fared? Was I good? Was I bad? Maybe a ‘B’ grade? Or a ‘C’ grade at best?

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  1. Congratulations Savio. As for me anything above a red line indicator is an achievement.

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