Day 09 – Words that speak to me..

Day 9: Post some words of wisdom that speak to you

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Yes! Absolutely true and I totally resonate with both of the above words. I have literally become this person over the years.

From someone who used to really talk a lot & fast to now someone who measures every word that comes out of his mouth.. my responses are full of intermittent pauses coupled with the odd Idiom/Phrase. 

I was once asked by an on-line friend while talking over Skype “What’s with the Pregnant Pauses?” I didn’t quite have an answer to that “That’s just ME” I lied. No! I wasn’t being me at all, I was never like that. I would just say what I thought at that moment and never had to think of the right thing to say for the question.

Of course if you’ve known me long enough, you’ll notice the small changes. Not really forced changes but happened by default…in course of life’s journey


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