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Hopes for my Blog – Day 10

Coming to the end of the 10-day challenge (took me 14 days actually) and my last task/question is “What are my hopes for my Blog?” Image result for blogging

Like every blogger would want…his Blog to be read by people spread across the country and world, I am no different

  • Increasing its reach far and wide through various blogging mediums
  • To bring a sense of belongingness when a reader reading my posts – has the feeling of “me too…”
  • Keep writing posts that are relatable to everyday situations and make for simple reading.
  • …and obviously, when the blog is read by more people, the Blog gains popularity and simultaneously the number of followers would automatically increase

Never been a number person, but considering I come from the background of being followed by more than a few thousand fellow bloggers when my blog was hosted on the WordPress platform, I do have big expectations – that said the good things in life always take time.

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