The Modern Woman!

The modern women behave very much like men – and its pretty disgusting!

What has happened to the women who act like women, or at least woman-like? What happened to being a strong, yet feminine, woman? Women don’t really understand the dynamics of masculine and feminine anymore. Has the female gender suddenly taken a turn for the worst? The woman of today is a slap on the face of humanity!

You got to be ashamed to call yourself a woman!

I don’t even want to get started on what women do, how they act and what they speak nowadays. Plain Disgusting! 

I can’t see the difference between men and women in today’s world. Who is bad? Who is worse of the two? The only way to look at it is.. that we’re living in a world of some highly undisciplined people, be it at work places, while traveling or simply the everyday interactions we have with different people.

That said, I can’t put all women in that category. At least out of every 10 I personally meet and get to know, there is always that 1 rotten apple amongst them. 

So if you count yourself to be among one of the 10 most recent women to have entered my social circle in the last couple months or so… and you’re asking yourself;

could he be referring to me?”

You bet! You are definitely the one! 


12 Replies to “The Modern Woman!”

  1. Aditi Ranade says: Reply

    My my… what a strong hatred!! What did women do to u after all? I am glad we met more than a couple of months ago 😛

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Not hatred Aditi. I could never hate them, just that the Women of today… phew!!!

  2. From this writing of yours what I felt you have more hatred for men of this days than women. Basically you are more concern about how some women are copying the nasty lifestyles of men in the name of equality and thereby disbalancing their own identity.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      You can say that Anushka. I love the way you think…you’re a deep thinker, aren’t you? Welcome to the blog dear. Do keep coming back.

      1. Thank you so much. 😊
        I just try to understand the truth behind the glasses.
        Yes of course I Will keep checking your blogs. 😊

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          If only more people were like you Anushka, the world would be a better place

          1. Hahaha 😂
            Thank you dear. 😊
            But I think there is much more better people than me in this world and that is why some of us can still survive even in unfavourable conditions.

          2. theextraaamile says:

            That’s the problem you see, we never think too much of ourselves, there is always ‘someone else’ who is better – why can’t that other person be ‘us’? Something to think about on this beautiful Sunday, Anushka? ..and btw you can call me Savio (that’s my name) or even Sav for short 🙂

          3. Yes Savio you are right.
            Why can’t we make ourselves better? Atleast we should try to enhance the better side of us as humans rather than searching it in others.

          4. theextraaamile says:

            We’re now more or less on the same track 🙂

  3. I don’t agree. And I don’t care what is your idea or reason behind this post. 🙁
    You are being too judgmental.

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