Witness to ‘Love’

There’s nothing more satisfying then see people smile… 2 consenting adults and their families…

For the first time, I was asked to be a witness for a civil marriage [yes another FIRST] Stand witness to Love Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on WhatsApp 2.17

While the whole process took much… much longer than what I expected it would take, it still gave me immense satisfaction to see the smile on the faces of the boy & girl who were finally married under the Indian law… after 4 hours of sticking it out in the heat, sweat dropping off their foreheads [For the benefit of those who may not know, Goa is going through one of its worst heat waves! Its never been this way as long as I remember]  and visibly excited family members. Happily Married – Step 1.  Relieved Face on WhatsApp 2.17Untitled

I may have played a very measly part in all of it.. yet I felt happy I could contribute to something so beautiful – a union of two people in love. I live for happy moments like these. The travel from the South of Goa to the North of Goa was totally worth it. 

My hats go off to any guy wanting & willing to take the plunge into the big ‘M’, because its something I have still not yet ventured into, rather not made up my mind to. So my hats off to you bro!

..if that was not all, the hugging, the wishing in the midst of a fairly crowded government civil and sub registrar’s office, was well… nice, considering everybody was breathing into each other literally. [Okay! I am exaggerating, it wasn’t all that bad.. but it was STILL frikkin’ HOT]

Seeing the smiling faces and the joy it brings the couple and their family members, after a mere few signatures of the couple and their witnesses, I have decided – the next time I lend my signature for something as beautiful as bringing two people/families together, I’ll do it at my own marriage registration – nothing would be more satisfying. While ‘when-that-would-happen’ is debatable, for now I’ll keep myself satisfied by thinking, ‘it will happen someday surely’ .

I didn’t look at any one single girl surprisingly… 4 hours and it was just fleeting glances all around, but for the only beautiful girl standing right there – standing  in front of me, in whichever angle I stood in – the groom’s single-still sister Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes on WhatsApp 2.17


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