Scared of Love?


For everyone has met a monster who ruined the idea of Love, forever

Everyone has a scar, which doesn’t let them smile again in love. Everyone has heard so many lies that even the truth sounds fake now. Everyone is too scared to be broken again



5 Replies to “Scared of Love?”

  1. So so so so true.

  2. But even with that fear, you’re still relentless! You continue to try, completely fearless. Only to find even more pain. Heartbreak and no real gain. Till you finally rise from the ashes and learn to love yourself truly, with all your cracks and burnt up bits that can’t be fixed wholly. And someday you meet another broken soul who uncannily resembles your own. That day you’ll realise that love not only breaks hearts, it also saves souls.
    Stay strong and love hard! 💖

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      That is like the coolest comment ever I’ve received here. If there was an award for the coolest comment, I’d gladly award it to you 🙂

      1. Aww thanks sweetie! 😄😊

      2. Awww thanks sweetie! 😄😊

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