When am I gonna ‘take off’?

Sometimes you read a post by a fellow blogger and after you’re done reading, it makes you think Image result for whatsapp thinking emoticon This is exactly what happened this morning when I read a post from a fellow blogger, Rekha. [Click HERE to read her post] … and you tell yourself “Shit! I understand this stuff…”
I could not help but comment on the post.. but then I thought that wasn’t enough, so I am here to make a post out of it…

My story…though not on the exact same lines but nevertheless has been a struggle of sorts. Who hasn’t struggled? Everyone did, everyone does.. and everyone will.. its the whole ‘shit-process’ that people have to go through in life.
That said, my life can be easily compared to a journey by flight. My plane has taken off the runway way too many times for my comfort.. but that isn’t the issue-it’s more the times it has landed faster that I’ve expected or in some cases has had crash landings. Now in such a scenario, you’d think its better to be travelling alone on that flight right? So that puts to rest the answer as to ‘why till now I have been a solo passenger’? If I have to crash, I crash alone…

When people hire you to work for them, it is but natural for them to make you feel you are lesser than them…that they are paying you to do a certain job. But not in my case! I’m hired because you think I can do the job ‘best’ according to your company requirements. I am NOT the passenger – I am the co-pilot. So what if you’r paying me? I am still doing ‘the job’ right? That’s where management feels threatened by my existence… and this is not something that has happened once or twice… its happened many times. A company’s name means nothing to me, my job does. I love the work I do. 

People recognize passion over someone just turning up to work and doing work allocated to you. I am very passionate when it comes to the work I do. There’s a difference when you’re out to make money v/s working with passion. The two don’t go hand-in-hand, it never can. How can you serve two masters simultaneously? In this case Money & Passion.

There are people who want cushioned lives, may it be by earning a fast buck by cheating people or working for the government (which is termed as relaxing by many) or simply other illegal means that we have seen and heard of. I don’t belong to that category of people, I never will.

If I have to struggle and that is the path I have to follow – SO BE IT!

I had… I still do have dreams and aspirations, but in the way I see it, no matter what I have done or what I do.. its all going up in smoke! I don’t have the ‘golden glove’ that some people roam around with, I’m the aam aadmi (common man) doing the common things in life and like other common people, finding and chalking out paths that will lead me to prosperity and happiness. People say life is harsh, I don’t think its the Life we live that we should blame all the time.. its the situations that we find ourselves in, due to different experiences we have to face with one another, that puts us in situations we find ourselves in today. Yes I made mistakes and continue making them…I’m HUMAN after all… but when the end result is the same – time after time, you would want to ask yourself – Is it really my fault?

In amidst all the chaos that goes on inside and outside of my head… I’m still alive and mentally sane – which is a blessing. [Have you seen the people sitting in psychiatrist’s clinics these days?] I have 3 amazing friends who will never seize in believing that I’d be ‘someone great’ someday and they would need to take an appointment to meet me. A family who makes me feel important, even though I am the youngest. I still eat three square meals per day and have a roof over my head. That’s still a pretty amazing life I lead…even though my plane hasn’t really taken off!

Yes! Dreams change! People change and nothing is permanent.

As of now.. I am enjoying the madness that the IPL brings to us for 6 weeks through my television set, the team I support RCB, hasn’t started off too well either… their plane hasn’t taken off as well…

Many of us are still on the runways of our life…

Can this post be qualified as a ‘rant? I don’t know and I could care less… I just needed to write this! Thank you Rekha, you just awoke a part of me which was sleeping.


That’s my plane… see the runway? mnmn Waiting for take off…

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  1. You will fly high Savio… and will never crash… trust me.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I’m flying anyways…

  2. Great blog! good job!! 🙂

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thankyou so much. It is for such comments that this blog lives on…

      1. My pleasure! 🙂

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