A Sign

“The baby kicked” she excitedly told Sarah, her best friend after the relatively longish dance session she had.. “not once but at least 5 times, it was like my baby wanted to dance too…”babe

“Wow! that’s so awesome babe! Am so happy for you”

“Actually the baby kicked while I was dancing with Barry”

“Barry-ex boyfriend Perry? What were you doing dancing with Barry? Where was Adam”?

“We’re friends and he asked me for a dance, I couldn’t say no.. and besides the baby has never kicked when I’m with Adam. The baby doesn’t seem very connected to him.. this wasn’t the first time the baby has kicked, it happened last week too”

“Tell me you were with Adam then..”

“Nopes, actually had met Barry last week for something that he needed to talk to me about, and he felt it too..I think my baby likes Barry too”

“What do you mean “too”, do you still like him? Wake up woman..what are you doing? Do you even know where you’re going with all of this”

“Don’t you think it is a sign..”

“What kind of sign Cynthia? You’re married and pregnant with your husband’s baby and what signs are you looking for?.. there is nothing out there”

——– silence ———–

“Ouch!..the baby kicked again see…”

“..but Barry isn’t here”

“yaaaa but we’re talking about him…see?? A sign…

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  1. Good one… barry funny

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