Not-so-Incredible India?

1235Different states in India have already had their candle light march for justice for the heinous crime committed (rape) on an 8 year old, namely Asifa. My state [Goa] has had one over the weekend gone by. But that’s nothing new in India, is it?
Haven’t we had these so called marches or protests before – for Nirbhaya? Did it change anything?
My question is “What purpose does it serve?” Its not that the govt would do anything? Are they? There are petitions going around on social media.. how is that going to help? Its not that the life of that poor kid will come back. Just one of those things – people talk about and forget over the weekend.

Yes! as a nation we can do NOTHING. As ordinary citizens we can do NOTHING. India took 4 years to hang Kasab after he killed so many people in a terrorist attack in Mumbai. The Nirbhaya rape case, that took a lot of time for the supreme court to get to its decision. What does India need to think about so much?

India will never change – unless they put a law down on paper stating ‘immediate death penalty’ for rapists. But the country wouldn’t do it.. and you know why? Because the rapists are none other than ministers themselves, top police officers and public servants raping women and the govt feels the need to protect such asses. Hence nothing of this is ever gonna happen.

As an Indian, we are doomed.. forget the sex and age, male, women, children, babies senior citizens, animals to an extent… no one is going to be spared. The longer we stay in this god forsaken country [Yes God forsaken country], the more our lives are gonna be a mess. The situation is getting murkier and murkier with every passing day.

Keeping gang rapes and political murders aside for a moment etc.. India as a country, have they provided the basic needs to its  people? Have jobs being provided to the unemployed? [those are promises these useless politicians just make at speeches]… what about Education? Good health services? Clean air, clean water and affordable food? Are we as Indians provided that?

WINSTON CHURCHILL once said that if British were to leave India, the country would be in the hands of goons

..and boy! was he spot on! Looking back, maybe if we were still being run by the British, things might have been better, at least things would be better than what we are facing in these times by the goons running this country. No country is perfect, I understand. But a start has got to be made somewhere.

  • What is the use of having bullet trains in India when people are dying in stampedes at railways stations? 
  • What is the use of the PM of the country visiting country after country if he can’t take ideas from other countries how to better his own – in terms of judiciary, management and finance? …other than thinking about new trains?

We are doomed guys, we as Indians are doomed. We have to live through this mess. Not everyone has the opportunity to make a Portuguese passport and get out of the country. India, as a country is beyond saving now. 

And then there is also another part of me that thinks, in spite of everything, I repeat, in spite of everything India will survive. It will grow and it will flourish [how and in which direction not sure] It will lead [in corruption? who knows] There will be chaos, there will be riots, there will be killings ..but it will survive [of course screwing its citizens along the way]

I remember in class once when I put the sentence on the board ‘Advantages of being an Indian’ and turned back to look at my students for answers. I didn’t get a single one. Needless to say-that class didn’t go too well.


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  1. I can relate to ur rage

  2. ‘Advantages of being Indian’.
    What are they? All of us need to be reminded. Maybe you can write a post on that 🙂

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I’d need to scratch my head hard.. for me to come up with something really good in answer to that one

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