A Bollywood movie that involves students, a defective student/teacher/system or management is bound to be interesting (defective may be too harsh a word to use – Excuse me for that!) – and why not? Schools & Education are a big deal in India and anything associated with it.. be it stories told in movies like Rockford, Taare Zameen Par, Hindi Medium, Paathshaala, Stanley ka dabba or the recent Hichki. I haven’t watched the movie ‘Chalk n Duster’ as yet (another school centric movie), don’t think it would be any different though.

It doesn’t take much for a film to work in India.

Make a film regarding Education or Women and India being the emotional country it is, Indians will throng to theaters to watch it, but in the real life – would never dream of doing anything to help the country or even a fellow citizen for that matter. It is easy to walk out of a theater and say “it was a wonderful movie”.. what after that? Don’t people take a lesson out from these movies?

Every (almost every) movie made in Bollywood teaches us something new, some of which come to mind are Pink, Jolly LLB, Rang de Basanti, English Vinglish to name a few, there are so many more.

Hichki too is one such movie like that. Imagine a situation like this in real life. Someone applying for a teacher’s position with a condition of Tourette’s syndrome. Will she ever get a chance to teach? Forget that, would she clear the interview stage? C’mon! Be realistic. No way its ever going to happen! Who wants a defective teacher? While the movie may show that life is good and good things do happen, the chances of it happening in the REAL life is ZERO 😏

So while you are watching the movie, the story has moved you and there were different emotions running inside of you at that time – agreed, but just for that time (the duration of the movie) you come out and it becomes ‘just another movie’. Walk a few kms away and you see someone like that on the road, making weird sounds or making strange movements, will you not laugh, will you not mock? Isn’t that people’s default action? 🤔

So whether is it a Naina Mathur (Hichki) or a Rahul Prakash Udyavar (Paathshaala) Shashi (from English Vinglish) or a Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Taare Zameen Par) – these kind of people do not exist in the real life, they simply don’t.

I loved the movie Hichki and the other above mentioned movies too. But if I didn’t take a lesson from every movie I watched, it would be a total waste spending time (and in some cases money too) watching these movies. Yes, I have mentioned somewhere in a blog sometime back, that movies to me are for entertainment purposes but then how can you not miss out on a lesson? How about entertainment and you get to learn something too. That makes it a paisa vasool movie right? 😉

Taking nothing away from the work that film producers put in nowadays to make a movie worth watching for its audiences, it was a well made film – was Hichki. I thought Rani Mukerjee’s performance was awesome, and it must have taken some work to get into the character she played. 👍

A month late to watch it, as usual. Glad I didn’t miss out on it.

This is NOT a review.

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