Does a follow on WordPress warrant a follow back? Just wondering 🤔 I’ve just hit 50 followers today on (that’s in addition to the 1.5k following me back on the WordPress platform) so yes, people do read my stuff, which is always good to know.

But one thing that concerns me is that ‘Do people follow my blog just because I follow theirs’? If that’s the case, that isn’t good news. UntitledUntitled

When I follow a certain blog/blogger, it’s because I find their content really good and wish to read more of what they write. I’m not much of a follow-4-follow principle. There are some really talented bloggers out there who I don’t follow (by clicking on the follow tab on their page), which does not mean I don’t like the stuff they write, its just that the theme of their blog doesn’t appeal to me (for eg: fashion/beauty/blogs written in regional language etc..) but a few posts here-n-there on their blog which are really good.

A piece of Advice:

Let blogging not be about numbers or mine v/s yours. Leave blogging at least out of the competition, we’re already competing in other fields. Let us do something we love for a change without bothering who reads and how many people follow us.

Write because that is what makes you happy. 😀😀

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